Marijn Brussel aka ietsnut, a carpenter, (quantum) coder, composer, illustrator, photographer and teacher among many other things. Working on the borders between mathematics, matter and mind.
Studying Interactive / Media / Design @ KABK and Software Engineering @ THUAS
Graduated from School for Young Talent VWO in 2020.




 Ordering the unordered 
 Meaning in Medicine/Poison 
 Untitled Museum 
 Twisted Handshake 
 Abstract Analyzation 
 Heavy Metals 
 Third Space 
 Object Index 
 Pandemic Police 
 Solitary Confinement 
 Shadow of a Shadow 
 180° Pinhole 
 LichtKunstGouda 2018: Uncanny Valley 
 LichtKunstGouda 2017: Blur 
 LichtKunstGouda 2016: Shadow Cubes 

Awards & Expositions


 In N’ Out 
 Abstraction Stones 
 Stopmotion Basisschool de Fontein 
 Platonic Poetry 
 Secret Santa gift 
 Liminal Portal 
 > Intensive Map 
 Quantum 2.0 
 > Cinekid 
 > Quantum Toy 
 > Book 
 Posters for Princess of Babylon Musical 


 Noks Clothes 
 Stichting Cultuurfonds School voor Jong Talent 
 René Brussel 
 Kai Ming Li 
 Z E E P R O J E C T 
 Roling Tafelmakerij 
 Dierenkliniek Zevenhuizen