ietsnut / Abstraction Stones

From documentary to metafantasy.


In terms of OOP, abstraction stones’ matter is fixed to stone. Furthermore it extends -> Stone [class, extends -> Objects [superclass]] and implements <- Abstractor [interface]. Meaning it is an instance of a “stone” object capable of “abstractification”.. This means the object implementing -> Abstractable [interface] can be Abstracted by Abstraction Stones.

Hag stones, also known as witch stones or holey stones are rocks with a hole in them. The hole might seem like a simple feature, but to many cultures, it’s believed to hold powerful magical properties. Hag stones have been found all over the world, from the beaches of Scotland to the riverbanks of Japan. And each culture has its own unique beliefs about their powers. While there is no scientific evidence to back up these beliefs, it doesn’t mean they don’t hold value. In this short documentary, the physical and metaphysical properties of hag stones will be dissected.