ietsnut / Pandemic Police


The Covid-19 crisis has had a profound impact on almost every country in the world. Almost every individual has dealt with restrictions and other preventive measures. Social distancing has been a key measure. For this assignment, applicants must design an original and creative way to measure social distancing. Applicants must find their own, unique solution to maintain physical distancing of 1.5 metres. They must avoid the obvious. The result of this assignment must be a tangible and material (3D) design. Both the research phase and the process of making should be thoroughly documented, and applicants must also record how the design works in a performative way.

I designed a game which is played on a custom playtable with rods (for appropriate distance), with the goal of crossing the board while:

Avoiding other pawns to stay alive in order to cross faster (low risk)

Sacrificing a pawn (high risk, getting close to enemy pawns) in order to achieve an advantage

These gamestates resemble our daily interactions with other people, we would like to get as close as possible, in order to achieve our individual goals faster or better, but this comes with a certain risk of infection.

Full documentary explaining the project including a performance/demonstration.
A chess set designed by Joseph Hartwig where the pieces suggest their possible movement.
This table by Heinz Nösselt has a very basic but functional design as expected from Bauhaus.