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During a Quantum Mechanics workshop at Waag, I met Henk Buisman (physics teacher). Henk recruited me together with Evert van Nieuwenburg and Tom van der Reep to build games for kids (vwo) together.

The goal is to develop games (for the quantum computer) to teach quantum mechanics/computing concepts to children. Here are some examples:

I programmed a quantum circuit simulator in python and added a window for each quantum state to visually represent all the different states of a quantum circuit:

We decided to take this further into a puzzle type multiplayer (dungeon crawler) networking game.

Continuing the idea of physical quantum gates, a most likely solution would be to use I2C (inter -integrated circuit) as a means of differentiating quantum gates. The final circuit can theoretically be run on the quantum computer in TU Delft to verify the output. An example of a very minimal component circuit using the ATMega328P:

After consulting Jaap Meijers he advised me to:

So currently there are 2 different projects: a physical and digital one.

I will now draw some interdisciplinary relations:

I made 3 different visual quantum circuit simulator games in python to learn about how quantum computing works (matrix transformations):

Some very good resources i referenced:

A very good medium in teaching children could be an interactive children’s book. I think the structure of Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) books is very fitting.