ietsnut / Quantum 2.0 / Quantum Toy

Puzzles that are stencils for led matrix, polarizers can be used.

A table top, desktop-sized modular quantum computer circuit simulator.

Every ATTiny85 receives a list of previous gates on SoftwareSerial RX port 7, appends their own type and transmits the list on SoftwareSerial TX port 4.

The ATMega328 receives the lists on several digital ports over SoftwareSerial and transmits this over Serial (TTL) to a computer.

An ATTiny86 with added potentiometer can be used to represent rotation on Pauli-gates (X, Y, Z).


#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

#define RX 3
#define TX 4
SoftwareSerial ser(RX,TX);
void setup(){
void loop(){