ietsnut / Shadow of a Shadow

Analysing a single picture, not knowing how, when and of what it was made, and making an artwork which is a literal and figurative shadow of the original picture. Reminiscent of Plato’s mimesis, stating that all art is a form of imitation, this artwork aims to just do only that.

The outlines are very distinct and were easy to transform into a 3D shape. By rotating the silhouette around the y-axis we get a vase like volume (spatial reconstruction of a shadow).

The actual challenge lies in recreating this shape to get a convincing shadow of the original shadow. The final artwork is a metal viewing box, inspired by modern virtual reality headsets, which allows a spectator to turn the object casting a shadow. With VR lenses, a light at the end and acrylic plastic in between, an interactive version of the original shadow can be percieved.

The original picture.