ietsnut / Twisted Handshake

For this project we put our focus on the screw and the idea of deconstructing an object. The concept of screw itself means connection of every sort, thats where the idea for the form of interaction we wanted to create was taken from. We crafted a physical mechanism that leads to digital response on the projection. The mechanism itself, covered with a neat, black wooden stand with handcrafted screw heads installed gives us a hint what to interact with. We created our own screwdrivers as well, redefining the concept of those objects to something that does not necessarily have its usual, industrial use but takes on the purpose of connection through interaction. The screwdrivers have hands as handles to give the user the experience of human, almost interpersonal interaction, making the use of our installation slightly weird and unsettling. While the person interacting with this installation picks up the tool and plays around twisting the screw heads, the projection of the 3d model of the screw changes its form and texture to the extent of it not resembling a screw anymore. The background sounds change its pitch with the screw model as well. The physical, visual and sound components are meant to create a fully immersive experience that will awaken curiosity and desire to play around with the form. We pose a question ,,to what extent can you modify shape and material of certain object for it to remain being the object?” that is to be answered by the viewers of our installation.

The installation at KABK Gallery 2.
Sound effect of a drill used in the installation.
Making of the "dashboard".
Grinding the "screwdrivers".
Mixing plaster.
Sketch of the "dashboard".
Pouring alginate.
Making the alginate mould.
The mould of a hand.
Welding the "screwdrivers".