ietsnut / LichtKunstGouda 2018: Uncanny Valley

After experiencing the dark side of the Cape Cross Seal Colony (Skeleton Coast Namibia), seeing thousand cute seals, but after a closer look, also seeing thousands of dead ones being eaten by seagulls, you suddenly begin to question your humanity. This installation confronts you with the of fragility of life and the uncanny images resulting from the border between human and inhuman.

Baseball bats symbolise the contrast between toys and weapon, fast-switching ones and zeros describe the uncertainty of life, of being false and true. A stroboscope constantly distracts you from focusing, manipulating your vision and bending it uncomfortably. On the ground lies sand, where previous visitors have written a message. You see plasticized flowers dying in front of bright lights and displays.

Now you experience this double sided emotion.

A video showcasing the installation.
Turning of a baseball bat on the lathe.
Hot-vacuum pressed plastic against cut-up baseball bats and flowers (symbols of innocence) and a weaponized baseball bat.
Seth Price
Generative and interactive virtual-reality installation 'Onde Pixel' by Miguel Chevalier.
Interactive Magnetic Field Theatre by teamLab where childs can play in a sea of electrons.