ietsnut / Untitled Museum

For this assignment, applicants must find a spot in their surroundings that is a ‘dead spot’ – a place or space that everyone walks past and nobody sees. Once this spot is identified, they must create some form of intervention that will attract attention to that spot. As part of this assignment, applicants must be able to show that they have observed their chosen spot closely. They should visualise their sketches in a medium of their choosing, alongside a model of the spot and the proposed intervention that demonstrates how it might work. These must be presented with photographs of the spot showing the intervention in place.

I started by scouting multiple areas and documenting the emerging properties. Asking myself and keeping in mind why I am attracted to certain places, what makes them fit for, let’s say, a site-specific installation?
Coincidentally, a forest full of litter and waste really grabbed my attention. Underneath all the waste lies beatiful nature, which a lot of people tend to ignore/pass by. This path was hidden in plain sight. The goal is clear: make people look past the waste and dare to deviate from their normal route.
I sketched and improved on visualising a way to achieve this. By printing and directly drawing on all the pictures, I can freely place my ideas in each space.
After discussing a simple design with a friend, I made a prototype design and hung it up.
When I came back the next day, I found an object laying on top.
So I decided to grab some litter from the forest myself, and put it up there.
The third day, someone replaced the bottle with a dog treat!
I asked passers-by for feedback and thoughts on this. As they came from the graveyard, they saw this as a symbol of transience, and came up with the title “proost“.
The design of the pedestals.